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Sedentary lifestyles. Poor nutrition. Lack pursevillage of exercise. Unrelieved stress. Shallow breathing (of polluted air). These common lifestyles lead to many conditions of our modern society: low energy, frequent illness, and poor health.


The Oxygen Spa can help. We offer a unique solution, Oxygen Detox Sessions, that oxygenates and detoxifies the whole body. In a single, relaxing, 30-minute session, your body will be cleansed and energized. You will be placed in a relaxing aroma-therapeutic steam bath that warms your skin and opens your pores. Pure, high-density oxygen will be diffused into the steam and through your skin, bathing your tissues and cells with a rich bath of pure oxygen.

At the end of the session, you will feel relaxed and refreshed as you experience the wonderful effects of enhanced cellular immunity and increased metabolism. In addition, our powerful detoxification process rids cells of toxins and oxidized debris, which are eliminated by the body through the skin. Many of our clients are amazed at how much black debris their body releases in just a single session!